• KSR

The Dark Side of Sex Magic

For years I was a practicing sexual empowerment coach helping women take back their sexuality after experiencing sexual trauma and abuse. One of my teachings at the time was called “Sex Magic”. I would teach women how to generate their sexual energy and encode it with an intention to manifest anything they desired. At the time I had no idea that I was actually teaching a self absorbed, narcissistic, ego driven practice that would induce a form separation consciousness.

In Ancient Egypt, Sex Magic was a powerful ritual where a couple would lay on an altar and have multiple people surround them while they generated their sexual energy and made love. It was set with the intention for the ones gathered around to witness and absorb the life force energy while gaining power from the couple's ecstasy. Contracts and spells were made to bind energies together which would offer the priests and priestess’s greater power and psychic abilities. Over time this ritual became tainted and the energies of greed and lust distorted the energy fields. The desire to rule over others began to poison the intention and soon many were mislead and manipulated to assist unknowingly in an offering to serve the Priest heads of these temples. In our modern day, this can relate to unconscious people giving their power away to corporate, religious and political organizations who have tendencies to manipulate them using similar magic and mind control techniques.

Many tantric schools and practitioners are still teaching and practicing forms of Sex Magic to this day. Sex magic is beneficial, clear and good when we are using our sexual energy and life force to co-create healing for our planet, sending love into our bodies, praying for animals, our brothers and sisters and supporting the greater good of all. However, when it is being taught and used to manifest materialistic objects, new clients, dream vacations, new lovers, more financial wealth ect, this is where it turns into black magic and welcomes the spirits connected to the energies of greed and lust to feed off the souls participating in this kind of ritual. Black magic is a ritual performed out of alignment with Natural Law, which is the body of Universal and immutable laws that govern the consequences of human behavior (Karma). These rituals work by manipulating energy in a way that enacts intentions to gain power over individuals or objects for personal gain. It is an energetic exchange where the life force energy is syphoned by these handlers i.e- Priests, Mentors, Spiritual Guides, Shaman's, CEO's, and/or any individuals in position of power and in turn, your materialistic desires are manifested into your life through these handler's hidden agenda's. You may believe you are evolving rapidly but this is how these practices work to control you. You become entrapped in a illusion and seduced by greed, lust and unhealthy motives while sacrificing your natural soul's essence.

So often in today’s media you see women or men selling their products using their sexual image. Energetically this can be connected to the same energy of these rituals. There is a desire to make more money, attract more clients, be seen and gain personal power. The body is consciously or unconsciously used as a way to seduce and entice others to read or apply into what is being offered. There has been so much distortion around our sexual energy over time that you have to be extremely clear within yourself or you can manipulate people into your offering and welcome denser energies and handler spirits to control them through your image. This has a great price to pay if you are leading other’s out of alignment within Natural Law. (I know, because I have personally been through the atonement process... I had to experience deep and intense feelings of shame, guilt, fear, despair, loneliness and many other emotions to release myself of these energetic agreements. Once I woke to see the truth I had to let go of my work, my pride and truly face the wounds underneath my actions to free my soul of these binds.)

As energy is constantly being amplified over time I feel it is important to bring awareness to these rituals happening within our spiritual communities. The thought forms connected to these practices are only gaining more power over our loved ones and I believe this is something that needs to be majorly addressed at this time.

It is so important that any offering or work that is promoting spirituality, sexuality, shamanism-plant medicine etc be held in a field of rightful alignment. This means that you are embodied fully in the work and that you have permission to carry forward it’s lineage. That you are not prostituting yourself and manipulating the field with your sexual energy. That your clients are authentically cared for and that the motive behind the sharing is not just to make money. Those who exploit and mis-use spirituality are furthering themselves away from true power and are selling themselves to a commercialized matrix fueled by greed. They believe they are supporting their clients, when they are actually contributing to energies draining their life force and unconsciously placing them in agreement fields of entrapment.

“The road to hell is paved with good Intentions."

Be mindful of who you work with along the way and continue to educate yourself while liberating your soul from these unconscious agendas.