SESSIONS and Programs


Each Private Session is unique depending on the energetics present and the soul intention behind your desire to work with me. They are 1.5 hours long and are done through Zoom or Skype. Each Session includes a follow up email and self-help practices to further support your integration after our time together.  

My intuitive presence can support you in a range of different ways, including guiding you to:

~ Connect with and reparent your inner child as you heal your core wounds with the Mother, Father archetype.

~ Break contract agreements with lower vibrational energies and untangle yourself from the Matrix

~ Uncover the hidden subconscious patterns and sub-personalities that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns and integrate your shadows into wholeness.


~ Embody your sovereign connection with Source and learn how to re-write and shift your life into new timelines aligned with Divine energetics.

~ Develop clear energetic boundaries and psychic protection.

~ Awaken the wisdom and power of the feminine womb and unfurl her awakening consciousness.

~ Heal from sexual trauma and break free from trauma loops.

~ Heal the relationship with your body by releasing the holographic memories stored within its cells.


~ Unravel from the energetic causes and effects of lust and sexual perversions, re-aligning your sexual energy with Love.

~ Understand the point of origin where negative implants and manipulative programs have been installed and what it takes to release them.

~ Have profound breakthroughs in intimate connections with increased confidence and self worth.

~ Experience your ancestral wounds and release them with loving presence.

~ Journey into past life memories and integrate soul fragments.

~ Let go of unhealthy narcissistic relationships or religious Cults.

​~ Explore the process of returning to Zero Point, Christ Consciousness.


"I can’t express how extremely blessed I feel to have someone like Kelsea in my life. She embodies the deep feminine. All the work she has done to overcome and integrate her shadows is miraculous. Her offerings are advanced, high level mystery school teachings which are extremely effective. Her wisdom comes from her genuine and compassionate heart, yet she is fierce and assertive." ~Joy Elaine


Each transformational program is offered to those who are deeply committed to their soul's growth and desire to receive the benefits of working intimately with me over a longer period of time. You have the option of choosing either a 3 or 6 month immersion depending on how far you wish to explore your inner landscapes. During these programs, we meet every other week, giving space in-between our sessions for integration, reflection and your prescribed "soul work" and embodiment practices. 

3 Month Immersion

~ 6 Private 1:1 Sessions (1.5 hrs long) 

~ 6 Follow Up Sessions ( 30 minutes)

~ Constant Email Support 

~ Guided Meditations

~ Recordings of each call

~ Energy clearing, Shamanic Reprogramming, and Intuitive Guidance


6 Month immersion

~ 12 Private 1:1 Sessions (1.5 hrs long) 

~ 12 Follow Up Sessions ( 30 minutes)

~ Constant Email Support 

~ Guided Meditations

~ Recordings of Each Call

~ Energy clearing, Shamanic Reprogramming, and Intuitive Guidance
Because of the intimate nature of these programs, I require you to book a free Breakthrough Session to explore if working together is in full alignment.

Together, we will look at your greatest challenges and explore what is blocking you from embodying your sovereign self. I’ll support you in receiving clarity on what your soul is desiring and you will leave our session with inspiration on your next steps to get your desired results.

Please request to Book your Session  
"Having Kelsea's support has been deeply valuable and transformative. Kelsea is incredibly
thoughtful, warm and wise, providing the space to safely open up and explore elements of myself
that were previously hidden from me. She is a talented energy worker, who guides you through
sessions of self-discovery. Her piercing insight and somatic healing work helped me to connect
and align with my soul and to integrate some of the fragmented and repressed emotions I carried. 
Together we worked through some of the deeply rooted mental and emotional patterning present and I was given the tools to approach them with mindfulness, courage and love. I have learned to support myself in meaningful ways through our work together, and I have never felt more worthy. Understanding how to be truly there for myself was one of my biggest takeaways from our work together." ~Lauren Mulhern