Alanna Ketler

My time with Kelsea was of the most important and profound inner healing work I've done. She provided me with the most loving, compassionate and safe space and was able guide me to go deep into my subconscious. There she lovingly assisted me with uncovering many suppressed traumas and emotions that had been affecting me in ways that were not in my highest good. She also assisted me with healing and connecting to my inner child which had been lost for many years. Kelsea was always there to keep me on track and was always eagerly awaiting to hear how each "soul work" assignment went and if I had any questions. The assignments she has put together were beautiful and intense at times and allowed me to connect with myself in much deeper ways than I previously ever had. Shortly after my work with Kelsea began I was able to open up a dialogue between my womb and I, she told me her name, Ayaisha, her voice is now present in my life and she is now guiding me as well. I am beyond grateful that I was guided to Kelsea to begin this deep and transformational work that is connecting me more deeply to myself, my soul essence and my purpose. Words can't truly encompass the amount of love and gratitude I have for Kelsea and the work she is doing, the ripple effect of this work gives me goosebumps every time I think about it. I feel more embodied, aligned and understanding and I already can't wait to book another package and continue digging deeper.

Natasha Von Salva

My biggest win in working with Kelsea is finding my authentic self. Going through this program, you get as much as you give. However with this soul coach by your side guiding you, you will receive more than you could have hoped for. Someone who is truly in your corner every step of the way and is more than supportive. This work works you but it is 1000% worth it. The deep meditations are simply magical. There are no other words to describe the deep work that has occurred here. I am so happy that I signed on and took the leap. This work is sincerely priceless, my life will never be the same from the moment that I began. I am just so grateful to Kelsea for supporting me along my path.

Lauren Mulhern

Having Kelsea's support has been deeply valuable and transformative. Kelsea is incredibly thoughtful, warm and wise, providing the space to safely open up and explore elements of myself that were previously hidden from me. She is a talented energy worker, who guides you through sessions of self-discovery. Her piercing insight and somatic healing work helped me to connect and align with my soul and to integrate some of the fragmented and repressed emotions I carried. Together we worked through some of the deeply rooted mental and emotional patterning present and I was given the tools to approach them with mindfulness, courage and love. I have learned to support myself in meaningful ways through our work together, and I have never felt more worthy. Understanding how to be truly there for myself was one of my biggest takeaways from our work together.

Olga Lehmann

For a very nerd academic and Psychologist such as me, meeting Kelsea and getting different perspectives to what healing is, was very interesting, and complementing for some of the approaches I have learnt in Psychotherapy and searched for in my own personal growth. Kelsea demonstrates authentic love and connection with nature, both with human nature and the world itself.  She is amazing at writing down positive intentions and mastering language in order to provide ambitious callings to connect with life purposes. She voices the authenticity of a person who has gone through deep personal process's of healing, which makes me trust her journey; the answers she has gotten for herself certainly make her an amazing strong and powerful woman. 

Thanks again for the passionate companion that you became to me!

"Working with Kelsea has felt like a true symbiosis. I was able to access some of the deepest corners of myself through our sessions, retrieve parts of my soul and unlock karmic knots, things that are unreachable in modern psychology. It is truly unique how she is able to accompany you on your journey so lovingly and gentle, while guiding you towards the calling of your soul. I call that Mastery."

Andra Protopopescu 
Feona Lee Jones 
"I came into this program feeling uncertain with low self-worth. Little by little I ended up getting more insight and clarity around my issues regarding my relationships and patterns in life. I can truly say I am a different person having gone through this three month program and the level of support was incredible and I think that’s why I was able to make large changes in the three month time span."